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At Higham Building Group we dont just build homes, we also help with design.

We have a passion is building homes that reflect the families who live in them,
so the inspiration is always yours but guided by our experienced team. 

Our job is to help you articulate those ideas into a build that feels like “home” to you. 
And because we specialise in ‘Custom Homes’ we’re not afraid to be creative in bringing ideas to life.

Hand Over

Whether you already have a set of plans or need help designing them, our first step is to meet with the man leading our team...Simon Higham. 

With more than 20+ years industry experience and a glowing reputation to match the quality of workmanship.

With a better understan
ding of the vision and lifestyle your house has to accomodate, we can be on the same page right from the get go!

We believe this is the most important stage and it is crucial we get to the h
eart of what you want and need in a home.

We take the vision of your home and bring it to life in sketch form. 

Whether you have strong ideas or you're still figuring things out, together we design a home that is uniquely suited to "you".

Drawings are developed, discussed and improved on over a series of stages.


By now the sketches have been developed and we can work on all the nitty gritty.

Now is also when we start discussing the specifications and finishes to your home.

Even the most subtle of changes can often make a huge difference in the quality of life and level of enjoyment you get from your home.


Now that we have your construction drawings, we begin working with our specialised trades to ensure all technical elements of the build are resolved.

Our team will compile and present you with a detailed quote and build inclusions.


With the finish, inclusions of your home and final price confirmed, we will draft the necessary paperwork.

It is important to us that you understand our building process and each stage of the contract. 

Once signed, we are ready for construction!


Your plans are now getting brought to life and overseen by Simon and the site supervisor.

With a direct focus on your home, we make sure your dream matches the level of work, we have already poured into the previous stages.

Being apart of and watching your home take shape, is the best way to “customize” your home. We encourage regular on-site meetings; this is what sets us apart from other builders.


Prior to the official hand-over we pop our “quality of workmanship” hat on and make sure the finer details have been carried out.

Our trades make sure everything is operating as it should be, before the building certifier gives it the tick of approval.

Hand-Over Day is the most exciting time of the build and we make sure it is celebrated!


With the keys now handed over, it's time to book the removalist and enjoy yout new home!!

But rest assured if you find anything amiss, we are only a phone call away.

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